• Nguyễn Khoa Trường Quyền

Công ty Tư vấn du học UniLink xin chúc mừng sinh viên Nguyễn Khoa Trường Quyền đạt VISA du học Nam Phi ngành Phi công máy bay tại trường 43 Air School.

43 Air School delivers this by setting the highest standards, unmatched facilities and a serious passion for aviation. We have professionally trained well over 5000 graduates for the general, airline and military aviation sectors over the past 30 years but it’s our ability to exceed the expectations of our customers that differentiates us.

43 is Africa’s only Jeppesen and Boeing approved ab-initio facility and we are the only school able to offer an iATPL, along with our Jet Pilot Program (JPP) this enables us to deliver a first officer airline ready candidate in less than 24 months.